7 Steps To Help You Secure A Chicago Apartment Downtown

So, you are looking for an apartment at downtown Chicago. Not surprising, considering that Chicago is hot now. It is necessary that you be prepared if you want to secure the choice of your home. No, it is not an exaggeration. If you want that your transaction should be quick and smooth, then it is essential to be prepared.

There are many people looking for apartment in this area now. So, being ready will help you snap up the apartment before someone else does. So, how do you go about getting ready for your apartment snatch? Given below are 7 steps that will help you stay ahead of the rest in the apartment snatch race –

1. Before you start apartment hunting, you must determine your budget and set an upper limit. Since you must already have an idea of the rent, then you must have a roommate ready, if you are going to share space.

2. Have your application filled up and ready. There will be people who will have everything with them and also be ready to shift into the apartment at once. So, be ready for the competition.

3. Carry your checkbook along with you. You will need money for the rent for the first month and also for the security deposit. Instead of waiting to pay it after you move it or after the landlord approves your application, be ready to pay it upfront. It makes a lot of difference. Also, you will have an edge over your competitor.

4. You need your credit report with your when you carry your rental application. All landlords like to check them. So, don’t wait for your landlord to scrutinize your application and then pull it out. Hand over your copy to him, so that he can go through it immediately and decide. You have to show it sooner or later. Why delay it then?

5. You will also need an Identification proof. So, take a clean copy of your driver’s license and carry it with you. All landlords need such a proof.

6. All apartment properties have pet policies. Ask about these policies beforehand. This is all the more essential if you have pet. You must know if the apartment property permits you to keep the pet. If yes, then ask about the policies pertaining to weight, dog breed and others. In this case, it is not only about finding a home for yourself but also for your dog. He should meet all the requirements of the building policy.

7. If you feel that you will not be able to do all the legwork yourself, then it would be in your best interest to secure the services of a broker. He will find apartments for you and also make appointments on your behalf. All that you have to do is go and view it. Some buildings will only deal with brokers and so, hiring a broker is an added advantage here.

Now that you have everything ready, go and start apartment hunting. Since the market is hot now, your being ready with everything is only going to work in your favor and ensure that you don’t lose your first choice of apartment to someone else.

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