Xfinity Home Security System

Xfinity Home Security System

Xfinity Home Security System

Xfinity home security system is a provider of home security systems. The company offers various products for your homesystem Security settings. Many people who have used Xfinity as a company that they trust to provide the equipment a goodhome security system. There are several home security equipment packages they offer. They continue to innovate through products equipment advanced home security systems, home security services and home security systems product marketing. There are several features that complement your home security system. You can choose the features that suit your needs.

Xfinity Package Price

If you receive an offer for your home security from Xfinity, then there will be some who are trying to package the company offered to you. Xfinity package for home security is offered at a price of $ 29.95 for a period of use during the first 12 months, then in the following month’s price to $ 39.95 in the period of use for 13-24 months. Xfinity give this discount with some terms and conditions. You must have other Xfinity services, for example, is the Internet or TV. For the initial discount, you also have to subscribe to Xfinity Triple Play Starter. If you do not have another Xfinity services, then you will pay $ 39.95 per month.

Features on Xfinity Package

Here are some of the facilities or the features of the package offered by Xfinity:

  1. Home Secure 300

Home Secure 300 is the base package of Xfinity. The price for the package Home Secures 300 is equal to $ 39.95 per month for a period of 24 months of use. The period of use is shorter than the previous 36 months. Xfinity provide service for 24 hours every day. The security system used by Xfinity is by monitoring using several monitoring centers that have been registered and connect it via an application on your mobile phone. The response time required by the alarm is 45 seconds. This time is the time required by the monitoring section to reach the home installed security alarms by Xfinity. Retrofitting cost is $ 99. This fee is the cost of installation of equipment and the cost to provide guidance about how to use these tools.Home Secure package 300 has three sensors of the door or window, a wireless keypad, a touch screen controller, and a motion sensor. Panel for communication that is connected to the security center using a secure network and there is a battery backup for redundancy. You will be sent a text message or email notifications to your phone, if the alarm goes off in your home.

  1. Home Secure 350

This is the second package offered by Xfinity. Home Secure package 350 has the same services as a package 300. However Home Secure Home Secure 350 package comes with more standard equipment. 350 Home Secure package is complemented by several useful features such as outdoor camera, touch screen controller, a wireless keypad, a motion sensor, indoor camera, three sensor windows or doors, one additional camera, and thermostat. But the Home Secure package 350 has a higher price than the Home Secure 300. Price is $ 49.95 per month. Home Secure package 350 provides the option to store the video or displaying a notice of the recorded videos.

Hopefully you can decide to choose a package of home security system equipment product that is right for you after you read a brief description of the Xfinity home security system.

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