Home Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems are electronic, security devises, also called intrusion alarm systems. These devises are used to warn homeowners that an intruder has entered or is trying to enter the home. Such devices are good investments for any homeowner needing to deter intruders and prevent violations against family and property.

Home alarm systems are used to prevent burglaries, and other crimes against families. They are essential tools used to provide families with that added sense of protection and security, that’s greatly needed for peace of mind and good nights’ sleep.

The main function of home alarm systems is to detect trespassers that invade your home and that may harm your family and/or steal your possessions. These devises contain more than one of the following: control unit, receiver, keypad, sensors, and other components. Some use low-voltage wiring, while others are wireless. Some home alarm devises serve a single purpose, while others are multipurpose devises (serving to protect against burglary, fire, and/or carbon monoxide poisoning). Some alarms are designed to monitor one zone within the house and others monitor multiple zones.

There are several types of home alarm systems: those with loud, audible alarms; those with silent alarms; and those systems which alert the police department and/or security company via telephone. These alarm systems often use one of the following detectors to recognize intruders:

Passive Infrared Detectors (PIR): Because of their reliability and their relatively low costs, these detectors are most commonly used by homeowners. Devises using PIR detectors are able to detect intruders by measuring temperature fluctuations in the surrounding area caused by a presence.

Ultrasonic Detectors: These detectors emit sound which is inaudible to the human ear. Alarms using these detectors recognize intruders by changes in sound waves (caused by motion) detected by the receiver.

Microwave Detectors: Alarms using microwave detectors make use of changes in microwave emissions caused by motion and/or shifts in sound frequency.

Ultrasonic Detectors-Ultrasonic detectors emit sound which is too high in frequency to be heard by humans. Alarms using these detectors recognize intruders by the change in sound wave frequency caused by motion in the monitored area.

Glass Break Detectors: Alarms which detect intruders through this technology do so because of their sensitivity to the sound frequencies at which glass is broken. These devises detect sound in both audible (20 Hz.-20 kHz.) and inaudible frequencies.

When purchasing one of these home alarm systems, you must be able to find a home security alarms provider that you can trust. How do you go about researching a company’s trustworthiness, reliability, and degree of care? You can ask family and friends whom have had experiences with such companies; you can also check with your local police department for listings on home security companies. There are a lot of different kinds of alarms from which to choose. Your job is to determine which type of home alarm system is best suited for your home and family. Unfortunately, no system-regardless of technology is perfect. With each type of home alarm system, there are instances where false alarms may occur. Each of the detectors aforementioned has its own set of dead zones and sometimes (as with the use of photo-electric beams detectors)-an intruder may be able to get by the devise undetected. This latter problem can be alleviated by using three or four beams instead of one.

Homes without security systems are often 3X more likely to get robbed or invaded by persons with the intent to do bodily harm, than homes that have them. You’d never want your family to experience a break in (resulting in feelings of personal violation). After a break in, your family’s peace of mind and sense of security will have been compromised. So invest your time and money into a home alarm system; start ensuring the safety and security of your family and property-today!

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