Home Security Systems Prices

Home Security Systems Prices

Home Security Systems Prices

Home security systems prices may become one of your problems in determining home security system to install. You may ask “is it worth it to spend the money with the offered service?” or “if the system costs more can I get better quality service?” The money actually can talk about the features, the service and everything about the security system, but you have to be careful as well in deciding the best product based on your needs and budget. Don’t force yourself to purchase the expensive one, just choose the right security system that is fit to your needs. Here we have some price comparisons of certain home security systems companies that offer different range of prices.


FrontPoint gets the consumers’ heart for its professional work in providing the secure home security systems. The wireless service enables you to get in touch with your system from far. It is connected with your smartphone so that the sensors will send alerts immediately to monitoring center through your phone. This awesome technology costs $34.99 for basic monthly monitoring and for activation and installation it is free in charge. The contract agreement for this cost is 1 year and you will get full service such as Smoke & Fire alerts, Carbon Monoxide, Power Failure, Natural Gas, and so on.

Protect America

Protect America is other professional home security system that will protect your family when you are away. The basic monthly monitoring is only $19.99 and the contract agreement lasts for 3 years. This becomes a benefit since you don’t need to renew your agreement contract for 3 years if you choose Protect America company. It is the right price for you with minimum budget but requires high standard of home security. This company has a battery backup for power failure and the alarm systems monitoring service also provides alerts for fire, smoke, temperature change, flood, personal safety and carbon monoxide but you have to pay more to get all of the complete equipment. This company, however, does not provide an alert for natural gas, but it is up to your choice since it is just a common option for your home security system. The equipment and security device of Protect America still be the best to satisfy consumers’ needs.

Live Watch

Live Watch is one of the best companies providing home security system that will protect your home with its sophisticated technology. It has various extensive security equipment that is the best among the other companies. How about the price? It is very affordable with only $9.95 you can get a full basic monthly monitoring. The contract agreement is 1 year. Perhaps you question why Live Watch is cheaper than any other companies. It is because Live Watch only offers monitoring services, not for a basic set of sensor. If you have installed security equipment at your home and you simply need the monitoring system, Live Watch is the right choice for you.  Home security systems prices may vary so you only need to choose the right systems that are proper for your home protection.

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