Home Security Systems Offer Savings Beyond the Obvious

When you stop and consider your peace of mind, family, property, and the deterrence of even a single theft, home intrusion, or fire loss, how do you put a value on them?

What great resources we have in individual burglar alarms, camera surveillance, and comprehensive home security systems that protect against fire or notify health emergency personnel–resources designed to keep you and yours safe!

They can be costly and are not necessarily foolproof. When properly deployed, however, they generally do exactly what they’re intended to do.

Saying alarm systems are not foolproof doesn’t mean they’re not reliable. It just means that nothing is perfect. You know that determined thieves can sometimes bypass home monitoring devices and alarms–even the high-tech systems that protect museum masterpieces and bank assets can be circumvented. Batteries can fail. When lightning strikes nearby, ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) designed to protect against electrical shock can trip circuits that power home security systems. Stuff happens and then stuff doesn’t work! Remember the premise of Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

You do whatever you can. In the realm of home security systems, that means you should purchase the best and most comprehensive integrated system, redundant devices as fail safes, and monitoring that you can afford, and limit your remaining vulnerabilities with deadbolts, awareness, and good practices.

The other step you can take to make yourself more satisfied with your home security system is to bring it to the attention of your home insurance provider and ask for a discount on your premiums. Ask your security system provider for a certificate or affidavit confirming the specific levels of protection in your home.

Many insurance companies offer homeowners incentives for installing dead bolts, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and, yes, integrated home security systems. Potential savings through discounts will vary according to your insurance provider, your location, and details of your system. Companies seem particularly willing to provide premium discounts when your home alarm system automatically contacts emergency or law enforcement authorities or dials a central station monitoring system at a reputable security company. The only way to know if you can save and how much you can save is to ask–but 5 to 15 per cent seems common.

Being protected and getting a discount for it would seem a little like a BOGO–a Buy One-Get One deal like those found at the grocery store. But here is an alarming point. At least one national insurance company has petitioned the insurance regulating office in Texas to downgrade the discount from mandatory to voluntary and to eliminate it altogether in Florida. Reportedly, both petitions were granted.
Check with your insurance agent for details rather than assuming the availability of discounts. If you learn that your insurance provider has petitioned your state to discontinue the discounts, complain in writing to your state representatives and senators and start your own petition. Save the discounts!

Taylor Jensen writes about home security systems at http://www.ushomesecurity.com, is considered an expert in the field of wireless home security, security cameras, home invasion prevention, and has published hundreds of articles informing consumers about what to look for when considering a home security system.
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