Skylink Not Perfect For Home Surveillance Systems

When you’re investing in security, you have to keep in mind what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re going for home surveillance systems, then all you really need is a ludicrously loud siren – something loud enough to wake you and your neighbors up in time to call for help.

If you’re trying to figure out what to do for your business, then rethink your purpose. Most businesses are surrounded by different businesses, which means that if your store is closed, the others also will be closed, which means there will be no one around to call the police if your system is simply an obnoxious siren.

Skylink states that their SC-100 model is ideal for home or business use, but the two are not easily joined. When it comes to this model, it’s OK for home use, but for business? It’s not going to work.

That out of the way, the big question remains: will the SC-100 measure up to other home surveillance systems? Let’s examine this system further.

Easy Installation, Simplicity of Use

Many home surveillance systems can be as expensive as $ 200, maybe even more. The Skylink SC-100 is only $ 115, by comparison. Its alarm rings at 120 decibels, which should be plenty noisy to scare off most intruders. It’s easy to install, as well: you simply put motion sensors on your doors and windows. These sensors then run the alarm when exposed to movement. The alarms are pretty sharp, so very few movements will be undetected.

There is a “rolling code” feature that Skylink champions that is supposed to help reduce the number of false alarms, but its effectiveness may not be as great as advertised.

Weak And Easily Removed

There are also some major setbacks in the Skylink SC-100. The first, and probably worst, is that an alarm is all you’ll get when you buy this product. You have to enter a passcode to open your doors and windows without setting off the alarms, which can lead to accidental triggerings and, in time, some very annoyed neighbors who are tired of listening to your alarm’s bumbling.

Another major issue is the fact that thieves know that it’s just as easy to uninstall. Although some people hide these alarms in places where it won’t be easy to pull off the wall and break it, that also means it could be harder to hear. Your best bet is to place it somewhere hidden, yet still audible.

My Opinion: Get More For Your Money

The price may be low, but quality is what counts. Unfortunately, what you pay for is what you get: a sole alarm that won’t scare the more determined criminals or anyone capable of disabling it before it can warn you. On its own, this system is woefully inadequate.

If you’re going to be shelling out over $ 100 anyway, why not save up a little more and buy something substantial? Being thrifty is all well and good, but when it comes to your family’s safety, do it right.

Need to take better care of posessions? Buy a home surveillance system today. If you’re looking for something to keep a close look on your house, then your best bet is to check out a home security camera system. Don’t delay, buy one from a trusted seller tto make sure you get quality equipment.
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