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When someone buys a new home one of the first things on their mind is, what is the top home security system? The response may be, what is the best system to convince scoundrels that your house is the wrong place to break into. The top home security system may be the one that you like most. The most astute security system would be machine gun layers at all tactical points on your property, and a totally armed staff of ex-marines tour of duty on your land complete with vicious guard dogs.

There may be the addition of some armored moving vehicles, and even a couple of jet fighters to challenge those criminals trying to get away over the wall guarded by barbed wire. Because this is not realistic, when you ask what the best home security system is, you have to think about something that is more reasonably priced and sensible.

Initially the query about what is the best home security system can’t be responded to without bearing in mind, your land. If you have a big property and you want safekeeping around the boundary, then you will ask about the top home security system. You’ll want to start with a camera close watch system. The surveillance camera faithfully keeps an eye on all corners of your land.

You may also decide to set up a fence with an added alarm system on it if you wish to detect unauthorized persons entering your property. You may want to keep different monitors for every camera. The monitoring system is actually very reasonably priced these days compared to years ago as long as you are not seeking exotic imaging and deep storage.

For Inside the House
Thieves are devious and if they recognize there is a protected structure, then they will think of countless ways to avoid the system. The best part of a home security system is that part which is not readily seen. People trying to enter your home should not be aware of the security system. Should they see the system, if they are the criminal kind of person, will begin to figure a way of bypassing it. Even the most elementary security systems will be useful if the criminal doesn’t realize it is there.

Lastly, you may want to think about protecting all your windows and doors. It is extremely doubtful that a criminal is going to cut a hole in your wall. For this reason scrutinizing your doors and windows is the best approach. Should you be on a budget then monitor the difficult to view or difficult to observe doors and windows since those are the first ones a criminal is about to try to violate.

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