Blog Launch Case! How To Make Money From Home From The Mortgage Niche

I think I got the idea from some news, that the reverse mortgage loans market in USA has grown a lot and will also grow in the future. The reason is, that seniors want to live as comfortably as they did during the years, when they had better incomes.

Another idea was, that the mortgage niche is a high paying AdSense niche. So I had two reasons to try to make money from home.

1. The Market Is Growing And Waited For My Business Plan.

I have never tried to market something, which I do not understand. The reverse mortgage market, I mean the need among the target group, was clear to me from the very beginning. It represented a chance to make money from home, at least to try my best.

The Need.

It is simple. Seniors, who are age 62 or over want to keep their standard of living and because their social security, savings and pension does not guarantee that, they have to use the equity from their homes.

The loan plus the interests will be paid back, when they move permanently away from the home, so there is no monthly payments.

The Target Group.

American citizens age 62 or over, who own their homes and want to keep their standard of living during their retirement years. The homes can be fully paid or the debt is minimal.

The Online Market.

It was quite easy to judge the online need just by doing the keyword research. It showed that seniors are seeking information about these products actively and this means, that doing an effective SEM, I would have a chance to draw enough visitors into my blog and to make money from home with AdSense and the affiliate links.

2. The Launch Of A New Niche Blog Needed Many Mediums.

I saw the content of my blog as the most important success factor in the new niche. Fortunately my niche is narrow enough, which helps to keep the content related.

I also hope, that the niche is not too narrow and that there is money in it. The keyword research showed, that there will be.

When launching a new blog in the net, there are two challengies. First, to write enough useful content and then to get enough related blog visitors to be able to make money from home.

The first thing was to start posting. At the same time I submitted the blog into the main search engines plus to some over 100 others. The blog is now two weeks old, and it is not yet listed.

The main promotion strategy was based on SEO and the article marketing and distribution being the main tools. I trust on optimized articles, because they bring related visitors during a long period of time, help in ranking building and build brand.

Other mediums, which I have used are social bookmarking sites, blog commenting, forum writing, link exchanges and, as the most important, fresh blog posts.

The target is to get 100 daily visitors in a month with a content of from 30 to 50 blog pages. After two weeks, the average is about 10, so the traffic is estimated to increase, when the search engine spiders will find my backlinks and increase my PR.

As to the sales, I wait about 500 us dollars a month, where AdSense plays an important role.

I will come back and tell my experiences later on. I do this launch with good marketing plan, so it is very interesting to see, how the traffic figures will develop.

The blog is not yet totally ready. I will add affiliate links and most probably a mortgage calculator as a call to action element.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. I Launched A New Reverse Mortgage Loans Blog To Be Able To Make Money On The Internet. I Will Write About My Experiences Later On. Meanwhile visit: Make Money From Home
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