ADT Security System – Time To Take Home Security Seriously

The latest crime statistics are, to put it mildly, quite disturbing. Crime in United States accounts for more death, injuries and loss of property then all Natural Disasters put together. Based on FBI statistics a burglary occurs in the United States every 15 seconds. On top of this the victims and their relatives often experience financial problems, and time is often lost from work to deal with the legal, insurance and personal problems associated with being a victim.

Home intrusions remain to rise. In the 1980’s when crack cocaine hit the streets crime rose an average of 26 % in most major cities. Now, a major contributor to home intrusions is the drug Methamphetamine. Burglary and thefts from auto’s are the most frequent neighborhood crimes. Often, breaking into an auto gives the thief a bonus, access to the remote control allowing the house’s garage door to be opened. Household burglary is rampant because it’s one of the easiest crimes to commit, 50 % of time with no forced entry required. The majority of home intrusions occur during daylight hours although homeowners are away. The burglar will in many cases watch your home for a few days to see when you’re out.

While home burglary is among the easiest crimes to commit, it is likewise one of the easiest to prevent. Neighborhood Watch is a good starting point, and is a proven crime-reduction program. Most police departments are very supportive of these programs and will give information and materials on how to create a program. Members look out for their neighbors and report suspicious activities to the police department. A term used frequently in these groups is “hardening the target”. Hardening the target means steps you are able to take to cause a thief to bypass your home and move on to an easier target. A few of these items consist of using quality deadbolt locks, installing impact resistant glass on certain windows so someone can’t break the glass and reach in and unlock the door, installing solid exterior doors, installing motion sensing outdoor lighting, and others customized to your specific situation.

Most of the security items mentioned are rather inexpensive ways to “harden your target”. Furthermore, numerous high tech devices once considered cost prohibitive are now affordable. For instance, a wireless video surveillance system could be purchase for around $ 50.00. Just mount the small camera in the area to be viewed and view the image on a channel on your home TV set. Elaborate systems, however, can still be costly.

Think about installing a home security system. This is taking “hardening the target” to the highest level. Homes without having security systems are three times more likely to be broken into than homes with security systems. 90 percent of police believe alarms deter burglary attempts. A full article might be devoted to this one subject, but let’s consider the main points. You will hear the terms hardwired or wireless used when describing home alarm systems. If you’re renting your accommodation, a wireless system is the best choice because you can take the system with you when you move. If you own your home, either type system could be used. The majority of security professionals often favor hardwire, but the negative side is the higher cost due to the installation time involved. Wireless, by the nature of the name, is installed in hours compared to days with hardwired systems. A negative side is having to worry with batteries. Ultimately either system detects an intrusion and sounds an alarm. The alarm can be a local siren or bell, or a silent alarm to a security monitoring company, or both. The security representative surveying your home can make recommendations for your best protection based on your living patterns.

If you’re just living as usual, you’re putting your family, and your property at unnecessary risk. Home intrusions have increased to the point where every homeowner must become more conscious of the dangers, and learn about the latest security products available to protect ones home, family, and valuables. Make sure your home is safe and secure.

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