Parenting made easy: Rodgers Wireless bedwetting alarm system

One of the most common dilemmas that all parents around the world face is bedwetting. It does not matter if your child is your first or if you have been in this situation before, you just cannot handle the problem. Even though there are many bedwetting solutions in the market; there has been not been one that parents could turn to.
That was the case before the Rodger Wireless bedwetting alarm system was introduced. First of all we look at how it is different from the other systems and how those new additional features make this system better than the rest.
1. Being wireless is really something that makes Rodger Wireless bedwetting alarm system much safer than any other system in the market. It has been statistically proven that alarms are the most effective treatment for bedwetting problems in children and Rodger Wireless Alarm System is basically going to help your child understand when his bladder is at its fullest and he needs to take a bathroom break. We know that wires and live currents with moisture can become extremely dangerous for our children. Hence this system has removed it and used the innovative wireless technology so your child is safer than ever.
2. The sensor is installed in custom underwear which can be used by either gender children. This means that there is no additional gear that you would need to install and hence the child will still be very comfortable with the whole system.
3. The alarm system is one that is quite ingenious and unique. Not only do you get multiple bedwetting alarm settings, volume control is included of course, but you can also have a vibrator installed on a wristwatch as an added precaution.
4. The system does not only notify, it is also designed to basically train your child so that he gets rid of the problem once and for all. For example, once the moisture sensor sounds the alarm on the transmitter, it would not stop until the child gets up and presses a red button installed on it. This would mean that the child would then very easily go to the bathroom to complete the job.
5. A similar alarm would sound near the parents but they need not jump in and patronize the child, instead they can very easily observe how the alarm conditions their child.
The underwear provided with the system is one that is extremely important to the entire functioning. Without close inspection, the underwear does not look to be any different from the normal underwear but instead there are very intricate snaps that are attached to the waistbands on which a very complex yet minuscule sensor is attached.
The sensor is connected to a pair of receivers, which are designed to be placed in your room and your child’s room. Once the sensor detects moisture in your child’s underpants, it sounds an alarm on both the transmitters. However as the occurrence becomes less common, it is suggested that your alarm to be disconnected so that the child can learn independence in dealing with this problem.
Find more information relating to Bedwetting treatment, and Bedwetting solutions here.

Find more information relating to Bedwetting treatment, and Bedwetting solutions here.
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