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Rekeying locks has long been a task that has required locksmiths. Even though it does not take long to rekey a lock, it still takes a few minutes. Now there is a new way to rekey a lock without even removing the lock from the door. All that is needed is a key. This is called the SmartKey and is a relatively new application. This is a task that easily can be accomplished by any home ownwer and can go a long way toward not only having a more convenient way to enter the house, but also help keep the house safe
Have you ever lost your house keys and been worried that a stranger could get in? Unless you’re the first occupant of the property, you never can be sure how many copies of your keys exist. Locksmiths typically charge a fee to re-key an individual lock, even when you bring it to their shop. Since most homes have multiple doors with multiple locks, rekeying can get expensive.

Kwikset’s Smart Key re-key technology provides you the flexibility to re-key your own locks quickly and easily without removing them from your door. Re-key your SmartKey locks as frequently as you wish while maintaining the highest level of security.

SmartKey is the smart approach to home security. Smart Key’s patented side locking bar technology replaces the traditional pin-and-tumbler design. This new design includes BumpGuardĀ™ for improved security against lock bumping; an attack technique that can defeat conventional pin and tumbler locks.

SmartKey is available in a wide variety of finishes and styles including handlesets, knobs, levers and an ANSI Grade 1 deadbolt for the ultimate in security. Secure your home in seconds with SmartKey.

Reasons to Re-key with SmartKey

* Lost, stolen or unreturned Keys
* Recently moved
* Increased security
* One-key convenience for all Kwikset locks
* Tenant turnover
* Remodeling, upgrading or updating

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