Using Solar Security Lights Cuts Costs

Everyone knows that burglars love dark spaces to hide in; be it a doorway, a backyard, your driveway. That’s mainly why you buy security lights. But the costs of running a full home system of security lights can be expensive. Not only that, they waste energy. That’s why securing your walkways, driveways and doorways with solar security lights is not just cost effective, it is also energy efficient and easier to install.

If you bought security lights, you bought them to use at night, not just to prevent crime but to see who is outside. Face it, looking through the peephole into the dark night is not helping you. You turn on or leave on your porch light in order to see who is at the door. But if you only turn your light on when someone is at the door, you are providing a dark space for a burglar to hide in. If you leave your porch light on from dusk until dawn, you are burning a lot of electricity.

If you instead invested in a solar security light system to protect your home, you will not need to choose between the two, you can run it all night long without using any electricity. All of the power to run your solar security light system is absorbed from the sun during the daylight hours and used to power your solar security lights at night.

Not only does that save you money on your electric bill but it also increases the energy efficiency of your home by putting less stress on the power grid of your city. In the case of a powerful storm that causes a power outage, your solar security lights will not go out.

Let a severe thunderstorm pass through your area and knock out power for just a few hours and you realize just how much your life revolves around electricity: your TV, your alarm clock, your lights, your microwave, your refrigerator. And many of you who have experienced a loss of electricity due to storms know that the power is rarely out for just a few hours; sometimes it’s out for days even weeks.

Installing solar security lights is easier than installing traditional security lights because there is no wiring to be installed. That cuts costs but also makes installation of solar security lights a do-it-yourself project that most people can do on their own.

Martin Hinch is a environmentalist with a passion for solar power. His expertise comes from lighting, after spending many years in a lighting trade. For more information about his solar lighting ideas, please visit
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