What Is Security Film for Glass Windows

What is security film for glass windows?
Why and who would want to apply this product to their windows?
Does it come in just a clear coat or can it be tinted?
Will undergoing this process help with energy costs?

These are just a few questions that will be answered in the next few minutes.

Most people have seen a windshield break before. There is a coating that is put between two sheets of glass so that if there is an impact to the windshield, thousands of shards will not be flying everywhere. Thus, this is protecting anybody near the impact site. Putting on a security film for glass windows has a similar effect in the event there is an unwanted impact. Granted, this is not the same process or exactly the same materials, but that is a good visual aid to help in the understanding of the product. Not all companies provide the same level of effectiveness with their products. Some will offer solar control products under the guise of being security. These products are only 1.5 to 2 millimeters thick whereas a security film for glass windows will be 4 millimeters, on the very low end, to 14 millimeters thick. Solar control products are applied to the window only. The other is installed directly into the window framing system itself.

There are many reasons for the consumer to invest in this product. This product is great for homeowners. It offers a measure of protection against home invaders. Security film for glass is tear resistant. This product encapsulates the window and will hold shard fragments together, greatly reducing the success of an intruder entering the home. Thieves are looking for that quick ‘smash and grab’. This type of product can significantly reduce the risk of losing precious valuables and, more importantly, it may deter criminals from actually entering the home and causing bodily harm to the homeowners and their family. The invaders will simply move on to another home. Another great factor for homeowners is the money they will save on their utility bills. This product will reduce the transference of heat and cold through the windows. It can reject about 60% of the sun’s heat without compromising visibility of the view like shutters would. Many will also provide over 95% protection from the harmful effects of UV rays. This alone will reduce the damage sun causes to furniture and to precious photos. There is also the option of getting clear or tint.

Weather can be a big factor as to why a homeowner or business owner chooses to install security film for the glass windows and doors. Many of the southern states are subjected to frequent hurricanes. Adding this product to windows and doors has proven to be a success. Because of the way it is securely installed within the window frame, it will hold the shard fragments together under extreme wind conditions.

This is a onetime investment for homeowners and business owners alike. It is like putting a coat of armor on the windows and doors. It is invisible to the eye so as not to hinder on-lookers from viewing what is in the storefront windows or a homeowner from enjoying the view from their living room. It will protect those near a window from flying fragments of the windows in the event of an explosion or severe wind storm.

Window Tint Pro offers security film for glass as well as a variety of glass window tint and solar film products. We also provide information on how to tint your own car or home windows.
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