Home Security Devices-Keeping You Safe at Home

Did you ever wonder why some homes get hit in a tornado and the one right next door is okay? Well that is called fate. If you want to leave the safety and security of your home to fate then don’t read any more.

If you are interested in staying safe at home then I have some good news for you on how to do it. It actually starts down the street from your home with a neighborhood watch.

Your local Sheriff’s department can help you get one going if you don’t already have one. It is easy to do and FREE. Who knows you might even like some of your neighbors if you get to know them.

The value of goods stolen in burglaries is on average $ 1600. That is nearly $ 35 Billion not counting the billions in property damage done by vandals to the victims’ property.

Over 60% of the burglaries happened in daylight hours and almost 33% of burglaries happen by unlawful entry thru an unlocked door or window.

The term “Home Invasion” is a police term used to describe a burglary committed when the home is occupied. They are on the rise too. The intended crime may not just be burglary but far more serious offenses-felonies.

The bad guys don’t like anything that makes noise, slows them down or shines light-the three enemies of burglars time light and noise. They are on average in a home no more than a few minutes so if you can slow them down and make some noise you are on your way to staying safe.

Enter home security devices. They come in many shapes and varieties from home security systems to door and window alarms most of them are very loud. There is a more elaborate Voice Alert system or the electronic barking dog.

What ever you choose make sure you do something so you do not become the next victim of a home burglary.

Here are some other tips that are mostly common sense but they work.

1. Keep your doors and windows locked.

2. Use your peephole to check your visitors. If you don’t have a peephole-get one.

3. Keep self defense products around the house like pepper spray and a stun gun.

Use your head to prevent a home invasion. Avoid it like the plague because of the risk potential. Prevention is the key to stay safe in a home invasion and avoid a burglary.

If you follow these tips and get some of these devices you will be way ahead of the bad guys.

Jack Krohn owns Security Solutions and is the author of over 400 articles on self defense and home security.
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