Tips For Safely Securing Your Home’s Windows

Burglars don’t like unwanted attention. That is why it is so important to keep your home both being and appearing safe to deter burglars. Having secure windows make it much harder for burglars to have access to your home.

Start by searching the windows of your home. Check how easy the windows are to open and what type of lock they look. While you do so, gauge how easily it would be for a potential burglar to gain entry through the window.

Once you have searched your home, write down any improvements you should make in regards to your window. If you have older locks it is a good idea to replace the original locks. Newer locks are more reliable and will be able to secure your window better.

Windows can be secured with locks, but they are still made out of glass. Some burglars do choose to break the glass of the window of the home, regardless of the lock. Thankfully, most burglars would rather avoid breaking a window to gain entrance in to the home.

Breaking glass is a very recognizable sound. Most burglars try to avoid breaking windows unless they can quickly grab an item. Shattered glass attracts a lot of unwanted attention.

If you are worried about someone breaking your window you can install high security glass or polycarbonate. That way burglars would be unable to break through the window. Regardless of the type of glass you have with your window, be sure that your window is properly locked for the security of your home.

You could also choose to install bars outside your home’s windows. Bars are good for warding off potential thieves, and keep burglars from easily gaining entry to your home. However, bars aren’t the safest form of security since they prove to be unsafe during fires and other emergencies.

As with every home security measure, adding a home security system will add another needed measure to the safety of your home. Be familiar with all the locks on your windows so you can have access to them in case of any emergency. Know how to properly shut and lock windows to keep your windows as secure as they can be.

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