Purchasing a cheap security camera the easy way

Cheap security cameras are a low cost security solution for home and office. You can get a good deal if you spend a little time researching. While a cheap security camera may lack options high end options like motion detection and infra-red vision, it will usually perform adequately in its primary function of security. We examine some of the pros and cons of the different types of cheap security cameras below.

Dome Type Cheap Security Cameras

If you want stealth and durability, then a dome camera is one of the best options. Dome security cameras are protected by a metal sheet shaped like a dome. It protects it from the environment and hides it as well. These cameras generally are good for use in public places and outdoors. They come in various price ranges depending on the functions. These functions might include infrared vision, night vision and different levels of resolution.

Bullet Style Cheap Security Cameras

Bullet style cameras are the market leader in security cameras. Bullet styled cameras come in various sizes and widths from as small as a cigar to bigger than a softball. They tend to be cheaper than dome style cameras but some may also be less durable. They tend to work well fixed on a wall or pointed at a specific location. They also tend to be rather conspicuous which helps to act as a deterrent.

Infrared Camera

Infrared cameras are great for the dark. Their best use is in a warehouse or dimly lit areas that may be prone to theft. They come in different shapes, sizes and styles and increasingly security cameras are coming with this additional feature. Infrared cameras record in black and white but do provide a high level security as they can capture images of people who assume that their activities are cloaked by darkness. Usually they are priced a little above the normal cheap security cameras.
Dummy Cameras

This is the probably one of the most popular choices for those looking for cheap security cameras. A dummy camera looks like any other security camera but is obviously not functional. They are available for the price of a cheap toy and are really good at deceiving a potential criminal.

Additional Things to Consider

Security cameras are often used outdoors. Even if you are looking for a cheap security camera for outdoors never make the compromise on durability.

Are you going to install the camera yourself? Then the best option is probably to get one which doesn’t need a monitor and can easily be linked wirelessly to your television set or computer.

You can find tons of cheap deals on auction sites and online distributors. You can also look for a good deal in a local electronic store. Usually cheap security cameras are included in sales at department stores so this can be a great source to save money on some basic units.
Pros and Cons of cheap security cameras

Cheap security cameras are good for use in home and small businesses and when you need 1 or 2 cameras. If you want security surveillance over a larger area, you may want to opt for more sophisticated systems. Also try to look for cameras which can be used with your television or computer as buying separate monitors for surveillance can be quite costly.

If you are on a really low budget, then you may opt for a dummy camera. Countless businesses and homes use dummy cameras just to fool potential criminals. In addition to being cheap security cameras it is estimated that a dummy cameras may reduce the chances of crime by more than 80%.

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