Omega,one of Leading Provider of Security Systems in Miami FL

Modern security systems in Miami FL should be strong and use only the newest technology. Although we have a tendency to tend to think about alarm systems in the simple terms of burglar and smoke detection, modern security is much more than that. It’s interactive, networked and redundant, and it will facilitate to safeguard your personal data or safeguard your server rack from heating.
Omega Security
Omega is one of the leading security companies in Miami. Omega is a Honeywell-authorized dealer and has an A+ rating with the better Business Bureau. It also counts some of Miami’s most high-profile businesses as its purchasers, including UPS, Texaco and TCBY. Furthermore, it focuses on residential as well as commercial services, and it develops every package to fulfill the particular needs of the client.
Intrusion Detection
Intrusion detection is the first line of defense for any home or commercial space. Today’s burglar alarms are sophisticated, and in addition to contacts on all doors and windows, Omega’s systems include glass breakage detection and alternative advanced options. The intrusion detection is also extremely integrated and can automatically activate surveillance, remote services and alternative aspects of the system.
Fire Detection & prevention
Omega will assist you prepare for and prevent fires, and for businesses, it’ll make sure that the system meets the requirements of the insurance companies and the native code. Omega can also integrate clean agent suppression as a primary line of defense, which can facilitate to save sensitive equipment and data.
Video surveillance
The video surveillance system will integrate internal, external and hidden cameras. Dome cameras are available for external scenarios wherever vandalism and severe weather are a concern. The video surveillance system is available real time and remotely. The system also creates a history that it will store locally and/or to the cloud. If a business needs to store giant volumes of video for long periods, Omega will design the answer to accomplish that.
Remote Services
Every aspect of an Omega security system is available through remote services, like Total Connect by Honeywell. The remote capabilities permit you to access and even manipulate the system from any Web-enabled device. From the internet, you can access CCTV streams, lock and unlock doors and windows and even change the temperature or lighting. For families with 2 working parents, such options are particularly helpful for when children are home alone.
Wireless Protection
Omega is also one of the security companies in Miami that provide full wireless protection. Its security systems don’t need a dedicated phone line and connect through either Wi-Fi or 4G radio. Even if your system connects through Wi-Fi, it’ll have a 4G radio backup. In other words, a thief cannot simply cut a line or disable the network, the system will phone home.
Personal Alert
As a part of your residential service, Omega can also offer med Alert and similar services from initial Alert. If you have an elderly or disabled person in the home, this technology ensures that they’ll ne’er be without help. They wear the device around their neck or on their wrist, and access to an agent is simply a touch away.
Access management
For business clients, Omega offers one of the most comprehensive access control security systems in Miami FL. The system monitors access at all access points, and it automatically creates a record of these events. Your business will use the system to limit access to only those workers that need it, and it’s an excellent deterrent to employee theft.
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