Home Security Tips For Protecting Your House

Protecting your house with a proper home security device can be affordable although you may consider it an expensive investment. With some of the following cheap tips you can be sure that you and your most loved ones will be safe in the comfort of your home for many years in the future.

Don’t forget to lock the doors and windows before you decide to leave your home. In most cases, homeowners forget to do that. A majority of burglaries are carried out by a thief getting inside through an unlocked door or window.

There is no doubt that you lock up before you go to work, but what about when making a quick jump to the shop? You wouldn’t believe how fast a thief can be in and out of your house. So, it is very important to lock up each time you go out, and what’s best it costs you nothing at all.

Stick together with your local neighborhood. This is a very useful way to enhance one’s home security. You will watch your neighbor’s house and he will watch yours. What’s best, it is not expensive at all.

Think about changing an old sliding glass door with an up to date secure patio door lock. Still, keep in mind that you can make older sliding glass doors more secure by applying some low cost methods.

Usually, wooden double hung windows are fitted just with a bolt that enables the two halves to keep together, but an intruder may easily defeat them. So, you will make your windows safer if you fit window locks. Besides, you can use window pins as a cheap option.

A lot of robbers aim at stealing things which they can easily carry with them, such as small electrical devices, money, laptop computer, necklaces, etc. Don’t let this happen to you and remove these items from visible places in your home.

It doesn’t seem like a good idea to hide your spare key under a door mat, or anywhere outside for that matter. Although you may think that you have hidden it well, an intruder will know which places to look for. Instead, give your key to somebody whom you can trust.

Trim any bushes in the yard, because they can be used by an intruder as a perfect place to hide. Besides, your home will look more attractive and the chances that an intruder will pick your house as their target will go down.

In case you are leaving your home unoccupied after dark, install light timers and set them to a random pattern so as to give the impression that your home isn’t empty. Besides, you can turn the radio on and leave it playing. This low cost method is a great way to prevent a burglar from breaking into your property.

Lock your garage even if your car is not parked inside. If you have a door in the garage that leads to your entrance house door, then it must be locked, too!

Another risk to home security is the glass panes which most outer doors are fixed with. In order to avoid becoming a victim of a robbery, you are highly advised to replace them with laminated glass or use window security film to protect the glass.

Finally, avoid leaving ladders or any other tools lying around in the garden, as an intruder may use them to enter your house. Instead, lock them with good locks, or chain them up if possible. Don’t help the intruder to get inside by leaving some of your tools in the yard.

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