Why Filing Income Taxes Online Beats Snail Mail

In the United States the number of taxpayers who file their income taxes online has risen dramatically, and many first time e-filers are discovering that there are many advantages to doing taxes online as opposed to filing the traditional method of snail mail. They are much more secure, as well, since the information online is encrypted and sent to the IRS, who are the only ones able to unscramble the data to read it, while an envelope in the mail can pass through several strangers’ hands.

When the online tax filing system was initially trialed in Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham and Cincinnati in 1986, it did little to inspire users. Then in 1990, the online system was launched nationwide; growing in popularity, as the online medium likewise has since those early internet days. Today the advantages of online tax filing have seen this become the most popular way to complete your tax; offering numerous benefits beyond simply reducing the amount of paper used.

So how do you prefer to file your taxes? Do you know the benefits of the online system that everyone is switching to? For most people the biggest advantage of online tax filing is the speed and convenience. Filing taxes online places the refunds directly in your bank account, no more waiting for a check in the mail. What’s more – online filing can see that refund deposited in just ten days! Yes, you can stop rubbing your eyes – you read it right – just ten days! In fact, you’ll get an acknowledgment that you filed within just two days to verify you have completed your tax filing. Never again will you face the dilemma of claims that no one received the paperwork; with online tax filing you can be sure that your tax return goes through right away and is processed faster than you could ever have imagined!

When you think about it, it makes sense really. Let’s face it – how could your return possibly be safer while being carried around in a mail bag and stuck in your letter box where anyone could simply take it if they really wanted. Looking at things like that makes it clear that the high security encryption used by the US government has got to be a safer bet! If you want to persist with the snail mail path so be it, but it’s understandable why a massive number of users are opting to submit their tax returns securely and receive an acknowledgment of receipt right on time, instead of running the risk of getting it in late.

Clearly, the majority are coming around to this way of filing taxes. A significant number of returns filed in 2009 were filed online and that number is increasing each year. So what has prompted the change? Why have such a significant number of people switched to online income tax filing? Well one good reason for the switch is that you can rest assured your return will go in on time and it costs much less than the CPA down the street. Another is that you no longer have to worry that your return will get lost in the mail and not arrive at the destination. The reality is that these things do go astray, but how can you prove it?

Then there is the added security of filing taxes online that was mentioned earlier. In fact it’s not much different than if you shop online, you would give the same details then, so why not do so to speed up your tax return?

Gust Lenglet has been a financial adviser and tax accountant for many years and highly recommends online tax filing. Using a simple interview style, you get an accurate return plus fast refunds. We encourage you to visit his website and see for yourself how filing taxes online can benefit you.
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