Protect your property with home CCTV and feel more secure

Talk to almost any UK homeowner about the things that concern them most and they will probably list fear of crime and burglary quite high up. This is understandable because despite serious crime being minimal, crime against the home is one of the most feared. The feeling that someone has invaded your property is a terrible one and it can make life in the home very stressful. This is one of the reasons why home CCTV is probing to be increasingly popular in home across the UK.

For decades, the home burglar alarm has been the mainstay of security for many UK householders and it does have merits, but burglar alarms do have negatives. Just like car alarms, they can be ignored. Response times to centrally linked units are often slow, and many burglars are able to disarm or disable them quite easily. The beauty of home CCTV is that used properly and, with the cooperation of neighbouring properties, it can be incredibly effective in not only deterring the burglar or thief but help in providing evidence should a crime be committed.

Home CCTV systems have been used for some years but there have been issues with some installation companies simply not knowing the ins and outs of how to properly install and locate home CCTV cameras. Luckily these are few and far between but it just goes to show that when it comes to home CCTV, you need expert advice and guidance on where it should go for the most effective results. Professional home CCTV installers will check your home and surrounding property and know the best places to locate the cameras. They will put themselves in the burglar’s position and see where home CCTV would prove to be most efficient.

Over the last few years, the cost of home CCTV technology has fallen, just like many other hi tech devices. Where it used to be a very costly affair to set up home CCTV, it is now a far more affordable option for providing security for your property. What’s more, the technology is much improved with better quality recording equipment and far clearer cameras than were available previously, which all means that home CCTV gives you more evidence gaining power than ever before. One of the many issues with old home CCTV systems was that they used to be ugly, unsightly fixtures and that the quality of the images captured was often of poor quality. Things have moved on and the technology is now smaller and far easier on the eye. As for image quality, a lot of this is down to good location of the cameras by a professional installer but the latest technology has also made this much better.

Burglar alarms can be your neighbours’ worst enemy! There are always certain houses on almost every other street that has a dodgy alarm that goes off on a regular basis for no reason. Not only is this proving how unpredictable alarms can be but also how utterly annoying they can be for the surrounding houses. This is not a problem that you will encounter with a home CCTV system. There is no sound or alarm emitted by home CCTV so your neighbours can enjoy the silence. What home CCTV could do should the worst happen is provide you with evidence as to who has been on your property. Remember that an alarm will not do this and, when it does go off, the thief will be long gone. Home CCTV could also record evidence of suspicious characters checking out your property. Home CCTV is the security that your family and property deserves.

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