Home Security Services

When a passive alarm system just is not going to do the job, you might need to consider one of several home security services designed to cover the house, property and notify the authorities when something seems out of place. Additionally, some companies involved in home security services offer more than system monitoring as they also offer periodic patrols to help deter any potential burglars from entering the home.

Many home security services companies are offering the free installation of home security systems provided the consumer sign a contract for monitoring services. A monthly charge of between $ 30 and $ 50 provides 24-hour a day monitoring of the system in the home. When an alarm is tripped, the home security services company is notified through the phone line. The company then attempts to contact the homeowner and if no contact is established will dispatch the local authorities. In addition to monitoring the system for break-ins, many home security services also monitor for fire, flood and medical emergencies. Depending on the alarm code that is sent to the company, they can contact police, fire or ambulance, placing the well-being of everyone in the home in the hands of the home security services company.

With most home security services companies, the code of the alarm instructs them on the type of response to offer. For most break-in alarms, they will call the home. If no one answers, or if the person who does answer cannot answer the security question, the police will be dispatched. In cases where the fire alarm or medical alert alarm is tripped, the fire department or ambulance can be dispatched before the company attempts to contact the home owner. How the contact is made will depend on the terms of the contract agreed to by the company and the homeowner. Additionally, if a person is going to be performing work on their system they will need to notify the alarm company before tripping an alarm and before the home security services company dispatches emergency services.

False alarms are frowned on by police and fire agencies, which is why most home security services companies verify that a problem exists before calling in the safety troops. In many communities after a certain number of false alarms have been called in, the homeowner can face fines and, in worse case scenarios, the emergency services will not be dispatching, believing someone is crying wolf again.

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