Home Security Tips For The Holidays

Holidays are a good time for friends and relatives. They are also a good time for the criminal element. Many people will want to take advantages of the holidays, to steal your things or cause you harm. Here are some home security tips to help you have a safer, and more secure holiday.

Using Social Networks

Social networks are a very good way to keep in touch with relatives and friends. When you post important messages, everyone in the world can see them. For example, you may wish to let everyone know when you are leaving for a holiday get together. This is also informing thieves that you will be away for an extended period of time. Use more secure methods for these types of communications, like email or phone calls.

Receiving Package Deliveries

Many people will receive a lot of packages at this time of year. Try to schedule your deliveries when someone will be home. If not, make sure that you can have them delivered to family or neighbors. This is especially important for people in apartment buildings. Do not make it easy for thieves to steal your packages.

Suspending Mail or Newspapers

Many people suspend their newspapers when they are going to be gone. However, it may be better to have a neighbor pick up the newspapers every day. Have someone pick up your mail, too. The fewer people that know that you are gone, the more secure you may be. You never know who may be listening in, when you suspend your mail or newspapers.

Holiday Presents

It is an accepted tradition for many families to keep their gifts underneath their tree. Yet, this may be an open invitation to thieves. If your tree is near a window that people can see, it may be too tempting. Keep the drapes or curtains pulled. You may wish to consider storing your gifts in a safer place, also.


When the holiday celebrations are over you may have a lot of extra trash. Be careful what you set out to the street. Boxes from stereos, televisions, and computers, are telling people that you have new and expensive things. It is best not to advertise what you have, to the world. Make those boxes, unreadable. In fact, it may be best to cut them up.

Safety from Fire

The holidays are a time to be very aware of fire safety. Wrapping paper, trees, and extension cords can prevent fire hazards. Be very careful with too many extension cords, and do not leave your holiday lights on all night, or while you are away. It may be best to have a separate smoke detector over the tree, at this time of year.


Holidays are a special time of year, and it is also special for many criminals. Be careful what you post on social networks and do not let the world know that you will be gone. Package deliveries can be an open invitation to thieves if they sit outdoors long. Have them delivered to neighbors or make sure that someone is home. It may more secure to have someone pick up your mail and newspapers, this way fewer people know that you are out of town. Be careful about displaying presents by windows and make large boxes unreadable, for trash pickup. This is also a good time of year to be very aware of fire safety and home security.

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