Burglar Alarm Systems: Which types Are Best

In Britain, as with most crimes, burglaries upon the home are on the increase, although as a statistic this can be misleading, given home security is now better than ever. The simple underlying reason is that there are now more people actively trying to break into people’s houses and loot their belongings. Drug addiction as well as declining employment in many areas is both to blame for the overall increase in attempted or successful burglaries. Despite this, throughout Britain home security is better than ever, with more homes having better secured locks and burglar alarm systems fitted.

Most burglaries happen because of lapses in the utilisation of installed home security systems. For instance, double glazing windows and doors have made it almost impossible for a burglar to gain entry in the way single pained wooden fittings allowed. But whilst double glazing is an excellent way to keep burglars from forcing or carving their way in, it is only effective if the windows and doors are locked, and this is where many people come unstuck. It is a crucial mistake to make believing because you are only nipping out to the shop around the corner so you don’t need to worry about the window you have left ajar, or about arming your burglar alarm.

Burglars are experts and can rob you of thousands of pounds worth of valuables within a minute if given half a chance. Buying a burglar alarm is the most important security measure you can take. Old burglar alarms used to simply work by detecting entry to the front or back door whilst the alarm was set. Newer burglar alarm systems work by having motion sensors placed around the house, which also work in the darkness, and if an intruder has somehow gained entry without triggering the alarm so far, with this style of alarm their motion will be detected and the alarm disarm countdown activated.

These types of alarm systems are really worth the money and can be fitted by yourself or professionals for a reasonable amount. Having a box fitted on the outside of your house with a flashing light will also act as a major deterrent to any would-be burglar who will always try and hit houses which show no or little signs of personal security first, and always consider alarm-fitted and double glazed houses as second options, if at all.

Remember: Always lock your windows and doors and set your alarm every time you leave your house, even if you only intend on leaving for a couple of minutes.

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