Secrets For Low Cost Home Security Defense

Personal safety and home security are important issues for both the homeowner and renter. Whether the individual has a large amount of money to spend or on a budget, there are several options available to enhance the homes security. There are a number of options that can be taken to provide low cost home security.

Taking a proactive move toward protecting the dwelling and family will give peace of mind. Before investing in security items, take a look around the house, inside and out, to identify potential safety threats. Aside from the low cost steps one can take to secure their home, there are several that are free.

To begin with, while out of town, make sure to have a neighbor collect the mail and newspaper, and put out garbage cans on collection day. A build up of mail and newspapers is a sure give away that no one is home. Although tall shrubbery can provide privacy, they also make great hiding places for thieves to skulk in the dark, so it is a good idea to keep them trimmed below the bottom window sill.

Light is a deterrent for burglars whether the house is occupied or empty. Using a timer, or security timer switches, to periodically turn on and off inside lights, radio, and television, will help give the appearance that someone is at home. They are relatively inexpensive and simply plug into the electrical outlets.

It is simple to set the timers to switch appliances and lights on and off at specific times. For example, the timers can be set to turn the television on at a eight or nine each evening and then to switch it off at a later time.

It is also a good idea to check and improve outside lighting. Using flood lights that have motion sensors can be very inexpensive. There are several systems that can be purchased for less than twenty dollars. Motion detection lighting only turns on when they detect movement, which gives the illusion that someone is inside turning the lights on and off. They are also easier on the electric bill than lights that stay on all night long.

Adding cameras to the enhanced outdoor lighting is another option to increase safety. Some cameras can cost quite a bit and may not be in the budget. Using fake cameras can be used instead of the real ones for about ten dollars each. The fake cameras look so real that the would be thief will get the impression that they are being filmed or that someone inside is watching them on a monitor.

Last, but definitely not least, is improving the safety of the windows. The window is the weakest entry point. Although most windows, old and new, have locks, but not all of them provide a strong secure preventative measure. Using a piece of wood to set inside the frame when the window is closed will add extra protection by preventing the window from being slid open if the lock is broken. Adding window alarms to the wood locking method is inexpensive and very effective.

Just about anyone can easily and inexpensively increase home security. Investing a small amount of money and time is all it takes to enhance the safety of the residence.

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