Home Security Spy Camera What to Look For

Amateur or professional detectives need only the best spy cameras around to make their sleuthing worthwhile and effective. A spy camera has varying features, depending on your preference and your existing budget. Of course, if you are a professional detective like police or private investigators, you need a reliable and high quality spy camera to produce efficient results.

Fast evolving

Before, only police and private investigators use a spy camera. Today, parents use it to keep track of their kids location. Parents also use it as a baby monitor to ensure that their child is always safe. Business owners also use a spy camera to monitor their employees and to ensure that business assets are protected all the time.

If you are looking for a reliable yet affordable spy camera, here are a few tips.

1. The beauty of spy cameras is that they are so small you can hide them almost anywhere. If you are buying a body type spy camera, you can hide it in your back pack, purse, or even your pocket. The camera is designed to fit your clothing and accessories. Make sure that the camera line and its system of communication are not obscured so you still get high quality images. You can get help in setting up your camera from experts and camera retailers.

2. Another aspect of spy cameras you need to take note of is the lighting. If you are looking for excellent light resolution, pick a camera that is designed to operate in low light. Low light cameras produce high quality images compared to cameras white higher light sensitivity.

Cameras are also designed to camouflage so it cannot be easily seen by anyone.

3. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before buying your own spy camera:

Do you need pictures of people, objects, or documents?

Is it meant to be an undercover camera, something that has to be discreet and disguised?

How much size should the memory have? How many photos or videos do you need?

Do you need to take long distance photos?

Do you also want to take video footage?

4. Technical aspects

Below is some technical information on buying spy cameras. Be sure to check them with your local dealer and to ask for their guidance so you can be guaranteed of buying only the best cameras:

CCD or CMOS cameras can either be CCD or CMOS. Be sure to buy a camera that is based on CCD technology for better quality pictures. CCD also provides high resolution images and is best in low light conditions.

Camera resolution the higher the resolution, the sharper the image it produces. For excellent quality models, look for those with 400 lines or more of resolution.

LUX rating the lower the LUX rating, the less light is required to produce clear, high quality images. If you have a LUX rate of one, this means that your camera can see at night. Meanwhile, a .05 LUX rating can see beyond the human eye at night and is best for situations in complete darkness.

Frequency range typically 900 MHz, 1.2 GHz, or 2.4. This simply refers to the frequency of the video. Pick a camera that has a frequency not being used by other wireless devices to avoid obstruction and to assure of clear frequency.

Transmission range this is the distance that you can stand away from the camera and still receive a clear signal.

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