Why I Recommend Home Security Systems With Wireless Cameras

The single biggest difficulty installing any home security system is wires, power wires, phone wires and data wires. In fact, wires are the reason many homes do not have security systems, and homes with wired or wireless home security systems have inadequate or non functional products and services.

Wireless home security systems successfully address every problem with traditional wired and wireless home security solutions, and they give the peace of mind that is real home security.

Wireless home security systems are true wireless. That means, like your cell phone, they do not have any wired connection when they are being used. The most impressive use of this technology is in the wireless cameras. Using the same technology developed for the Predator drone and border protection wireless cameras, allowing the cameras in their wireless home security systems to send information wirelessly to multiple sources simultaneously. This means that any activity the camera can see may be transmitted to a monitor in your home, or to a remote secure location a remote wireless home security professional or company, all at the same time.

Here is the great part the wireless cameras are installed without wires that break, corrode, or may be cut, and automatically, constantly communicates with the entire wireless home security system, even scheduling when it needs maintenance on its own.

The wireless cameras may be placed where they are needed, without worrying about power or data connections, thereby eliminating the largest flaw in all traditional wired or wireless home security systems. Home security companies understand that you should not need to rewire your family or home to work around “blind spots” in your security system because of the limitations of its technology. Instead with their excellent true wireless camera technology they give you peace of mind and the ability to enjoy your family and home without thinking about security, that is real home security.

I will also briefly point out that this same wireless technology is used in every component of a wireless home security system, including the wireless alarm functions. Traditional wired and wireless home security systems do not use the automatic constant communication technology I mentioned above. By using this technology, ensuring that every windowpane, and furnace and smoke/heat sensor is independently monitored and maintained, ensuring wireless alarms, just like the wireless cameras do not have “blind spots”.

Wireless cameras, windowpane, furnace, and smoke/heat wireless alarms are only the beginning of what a wireless home security system can manage. Whether working with new construction, existing construction, replacing outdated and ineffective home security systems, for me, that is what it is all about.

Taylor Jensen writes for USALARM.com, is considered an expert in the field of home security, and has published hundreds of articles informing consumers about what to look for when considering a home security system for their home.
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