The Types Of Security Alarm Systems For Your Peace Of Mind

There is a variety of security alarm systems available that are designed to protect people and property. The type of system you choose largely depends on what you want the system to achieve.

You can decide between smoke detection, heat detection, intruder detection, intruder or visitor identification and intruder deterrent. Many home owners select a combination of these alarm systems to give a complete protection package for their homes, possessions and family members. Knowing that your home and family are protected against the most common dangers, offers the homeowner great peace of mind.

Electronic alarm systems have developed to a sophisticated level in recent years, allowing homeowners to protect themselves from fire, theft and damage. In response to crime figures that show that home invasion-type crimes have increased, more people are looking for ways to protect their assets and families.

The most commonly installed security alarm systems include audio alarms and flashing lights, motion sensors that are connected to cameras, house lights or alarms, CCTV and fully monitored systems that are controlled by security companies.

Closed Circuit Television or CCTV takes pictures in the field of vision of the camera, in real time. Usually, several cameras are located in key positions around the grounds and near doorways, to capture any activity in that area. These images can be recorded. Another common use for CCTV is identifying someone at the door, allowing you to be sure you are not opening the door to a stranger. Some parents use them to keep watch over their children while they are playing outside.

Security companies which provide a monitoring service use either CCTV or motion sensor equipment, to alert their staff, who are watching a monitor that the images are relayed onto, that there is a problem at the residence. When you are going to be away from the house for an extended period of time, surveillance can be increased to ensure around-the-clock protection of the property.

Burglar alarms make a loud noise when activated either by motion sensors or by an alarmed door or window being opened. Often a flashing light is activated as well. Intruders have a strong dislike of loud noises, and this type of alarm is often sufficient to scare them away. This is the least expensive form of electronic alarm system.

A common danger occurs when a person returns home after dark. Deep shadows allow excellent hiding places for criminals. By installing motion detectors, connected to lights placed in key areas around the yard and the house, this danger is eliminated. When you drive into the front yard, or walk up the path, the sensors activate the lights, and you can see where you are going and the area is illuminated for safety.

Any good security company will be able to advise you on your security alarm systems needs to offer you the peace of mind around your home

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