Enhancing Home Security in 10 Steps

Today’s world makes it increasingly vital to safeguard your property and take all possible measures to prevent burglary. Following are the top 10 ways to improve your home security.

1. Lighting

Ensure that the areas most vulnerable to a break-in are sufficiently illuminated night and day. Install home security lighting to take advantage of an easy way to protect your home.

2. Ensure Window and Door Security

In creating your security set-up, make sure your doors and windows are armed with high quality deadbolts and locks. Windows are particularly vulnerable, and doors should be of solid construction.

3. Alarm System

Invest in a quality alarm system for your property, ensuring that an alarm is connected to each of the main entries into your home.

4. Security Cameras

When needed, set up security cameras. This tool is especially useful when placed along your property border to ward off vandals and intruders.
5. Motion-Sensitive Cameras

You can fortify your security set-up with a camera that activates when movement is sensed. These cameras are able to sense motion from people and can tell when and when not to record the motion they detect.

6. Monitoring Via Video

You can attach entry video surveillance monitors to your front door or gate, giving you a view of, and the ability to talk to, someone attempting to gain access to your property.

7. Use a Safe

Invest in a fire-resistant safe for the keeping of your valuables, costly belongings, and important documents. A burglar seeking a speedy job is not likely to attempt opening a safe.

8. Do Not Schedule Deliveries in Your Absence

This may seem a small measure toward security, but a lot of people neglect to cancel their newspaper delivery, with a pile of newspapers creating a beacon announcing their absence.

9. Interior Lighting

Set up lighting that is activated by an automatic/timer switch. These devices are very simple to use and are a great way to give the illusion that your home is occupied on a daily basis even when it’s not.

10. Exterior Security

Ensure that any exterior structures on your property are completely secured. This will tell possible burglars that you consider security to be an important issue and have probably also secured the rest of your buildings.

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