Home Medical Supplies – Make Your Life and your Elderly Parents Life Easier

If you’ve just made a decision to provide care for Mom or Dad at home, a number
of medical supplies will make your life, and theirs, a lot easier. Of course,
some medical equipment may be prescribed by Mom’s doctor, such as a hospital
bed, a wheelchair, a walker, or other assistive walking device.

Specific home medical supplies may depend on your loved one’s medical condition.

For example, Dad may be diagnosed with diabetes, so you’ll need adequate
supplies such as a glucose monitor, blood testing strips, insulin, syringes,
and a sharps container to dispose of used syringes and needles. Most medical
conditions require some type of prescription drug medication. Pill dispensers
are very handy to help organize pills for a daily or weekly use.

Additional home medical supplies help to ensure safety and security in a home
environment. Knowing some of the basics regarding such needs will help you make
wiser decisions and think of ways to make Mom’s home as fall-proof and as
secure as possible.

Home Medical Supplies for Home Safety

When it comes to home safety, fall prevention is essential. Protect Mom from
falls by making sure that there’s enough room for her to get around, especially
if she uses a walker or a cane. Secure loose rugs and carpeting to the floor
with Velcro strips or tacks.

In the bathroom, install grab bars in the bathtub or shower area as well as
around the toilet. Take the time to ensure that grab bars are installed into
wall studs.

Disability aids such as toilet seat risers and toilet support bars help prevent
slips, falls and accidents, and provide adequate support and ease of use for
those diagnosed with conditions like arthritis or osteoporosis.

Portable bidets are handy for seniors with limited range of motion and help
ensure proper cleaning and hygiene following toileting.

Handicap aids around the house like chair or bedside roller tables offer
convenience, as do wall switch extension handles and handles affixed to
recliner chairs. Grabbers give those with limited range of motion easier access
to objects in every room, from socks on the floor to the box of Kleenex on the
coffee table.

Childproof locks are handy in situations where a loved one has been diagnosed
with dementia. If you need to leave Mom or Dad alone for periods throughout the
day because of other work or family obligations, consider emergency alert
buttons or systems such as Life Alert. Technology today enables seniors to wear
a pendant or bracelet with alert buttons.

When activated, these buttons transmit through land lines to security centers
that dispatch police or fire departments or directly to emergency services in
your community.

Catering Home Medical Supplies to Elderly Needs

Talk to Mom or Dad’s doctor to determine basic and essential medical supplies
or support devices based on their medical condition, physical strength and
cognitive levels. For example, if Mom is diagnosed with Parkinson’s and has
trouble eating, caregivers can purchase specially designed eating utensils to
help facilitate independent eating.

If Dad has glaucoma or macular degeneration and can’t see very well anymore,
installing large faced clocks and easy to see telephone systems can facilitate
his independence.

The key is to view the home environment through the eyes or senses of your
loved one. Adapt home environments for safety and security and improved
quality of life.

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