Car Alarm Accessories

Car alarms are good protections from car thefts. To supplement, there are car alarm accessories to further prevent such unwanted events.

It is very common now to put car alarms in vehicles to protect these expensive investments. Dire economic periods push the desperate to steal cars for easy money. Car owners resort to car alarms to deter thefts.
There are two general types of car alarm – the passive and active. The passive car alarms are armed right after the car ignition is turned off and the last door is closed. Active car alarms have transmitter buttons that should be pressed to disarm the system. Most cars with passive car alarms have lower insurance rates.

Car alarms have accessories available to enhance the basic functionalities of the system. The backup batteries make sure that the system can still be activated if the current batteries run out of charge.

The extra sensor pulse timers are useful accessories that can be modified to suit certain conditions in your environment. It can be made to detect specific sensations and will activate the alarm when triggered.

The ignition immobilizer is also very effective. Even if a thief manages to get inside the car, he will not be able to start the engine. The alarm has to be deactivated first before the car can be started.
Car alarms also have other features like power window, remote start and door lock accessories.

The power window accessory automatically closes all windows in signs of danger. This is triggered when a stranger comes too close to the car.

The remote start is one of the better and hi-tech features. The owner can control his engine through his remote control with just a push of a button. If he sees any imminent danger, he can activate the engine of the car to scare off the thief. It can not however run the car along without a driver.

There are also special gears like a siren. This has to be one of the most powerful deterrent factors in car alarm systems. These are high pitched sounds that go off when the system is triggered. The sounds are very varied, from deafening volumes to realistic human voices seemingly speaking some messages of thievery.

Many car alarm models have more than one siren to choose from. Users can change the sounds from time to time to avoid familiarity from thieves.

Other car alarm accessories are window control modules, triggers, alarm sensors, relays and glass breakage sensors. The latter is also a nice feature as it senses if the glass windows is about to break. This is very helpful because most often than not, thieves first resort to shattering the glass windows for forced entry.

Some car alarm systems have a locator. It works like a GPS that could track down where the car is being taken in cases of successful robberies. However, such an advanced technology is expensive already. And besides, prevention is still the better option.
There are numerous car alarm accessories that can overwhelm a car owner. It is important to consider only what is needed, and not to be ostentatious about it. The important thing is to be able to keep a car safe when parked, away from temptation of thefts.

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