Always Use Firewall Security to Protect Your Computer and Private Data

You will rarely find a person who has not used the internet these days. The internet is a vast forum which is used by people from all walks of life for different purposes. From academics to communication to online shopping, internet is needed for all and is indispensable to us. Like everything else, the internet too has its own set of pros and cons. The negatives often cause trouble and hence it must be taken up seriously for security reasons.

Internet has given birth to cyber crimes which affect people significantly. Cyber rogues tend to harm your system and work by developing threats like virus and malware that infect your personal documents and render them useless. Hacking is also a common malpractice that targets online transactions and steals confidential data like netbanking password, debit card PIN and so on. Online transactions are thus, no longer secure. For this purpose, security experts have designed the firewall to ensure protection against potential computer threats.

In this article we will learn about the benefits of firewalls and how it can protect your private files and other data.

What is the firewall made for?

A firewall is a software component present in the operating system that prevents certain online communication that it feels could be a potential threat. There are different security levels within a firewall. It is commonly found in Windows family of operating systems. However, with the invention of threats like Sasser and Blaster worms, the protective capability of Windows firewall was undermined. This led Microsoft to enhance it with additional utilities to provide superior protection to home and business machines.
Advanced firewall applications designed by Microsoft allow users to study and examine all the online interactions between the PC and the internet. It is no longer difficult for users to decipher if anyone is accessing their personal data or confidential information and conducting online transactions.

How does a Firewall secure your PC?

Firewall provides effective defense against threats like Trojans, virus and malware to keep your system and network free from online predators. Illegitimate users seeking entry into your system by defying network security is prevented by the firewall. It acts as a middleman between the computer and internet and inspects all the data that enter or leave your machine when you are online. There are certain security criteria set into the firewall which every data packets require meeting before they are transferred.
To ensure comprehensive protection, you should ideally use a two way firewall. Two-way firewall monitors both the incoming and outgoing traffic for better protection. Your system will be armed with a tool to prevent invasion from unsafe elements, which tend to set in, the moment you connect via the internet.

How to set up the firewall?

Firewall is built-in Windows operating systems and only requires to be switched on. All you need to do is turn it on and adjust the settings as per your browsing habits. The firewall gives you several options to choose the programs that you would like to allow or stop. In case you are unaware of firewall settings, you would just need to do a Google search. You should configure it correctly so that your computer is safe and secure.

Computer security is the first priority if any internet user. Protection against hacking and other malpractices is always necessary. Many users tend to ignore the firewall by relying more on third party security applications. This is not the correct practice. Whether you install antivirus software or not, you should always keep the firewall configured and switched on for better protection.

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