The Different Kinds Of Burglar Alarm Systems – Selecting The Best Choice

Safeguarding your property against intruders is a complex process, which includes choosing the right burglar alarm systems. Technology has grown over the years to introduce a wide range of successful alarm systems that can be used in many different kinds of establishments.

Basic Security

There are some burglar alarm systems that have very minimal features like those of a simple CMOS video camera, where images of intruders are relayed to your TV or digital video recorder. Passive infra-red or PIR sensors are also very simple features, which automatically turn on flood lights or flashing lights to discourage robbers and thieves from entering your property.

Added Features

Depending on the choice of the homeowner, burglar alarm systems can also be multi-layered and have numerous capabilities in one. A heat sensor along with a motion detector are very useful features where false alarms will be kept to a minimum. A highly sophisticated system for instance will be able to establish whether it’s just a small animal passing by or an actual human intruder. Other systems will also have smoke detectors to protect your home not only from burglars but also from possible fire. Moreover, panic buttons may be installed so that you’ll be able to discreetly call for assistance. These panic buttons may be placed strategically around the home.

There is more. If you have many windows and entryways in your home, you can invest in magnetic alarm devices where windows and doors will be able to recognize the presence of an intruder. Shock systems often go hand-in-hand with magnetic devices and are smart enough to distinguish between loud noises that cause vibrations and a person actually trying to smash your window.

3 Main Requirements For General Security

No matter how many features a home burglar system has there are really only three main things you need to be sure you have. You’ll need one feature that detects, another that alerts and yet another that helps you program your settings.

Your alarm system needs to have a detection device that will effectively detect intruders as well as distinguish them from other things that are not a threat. The kind of alert you will get from detected intruders will ultimately depend on you. Some prefer a loud siren while others a more discreet alert sent to them, a monitoring company or the police via auto dialers. If there’s a black out or the phone line gets cut off, GSM mobile cell phone based security systems can be employed, depending on the company you choose. Some will require that you provide a password.

Finally, you should be able to program your settings so that your home is protected at the most vulnerable times of the day.

Wired or Wireless

One is not necessarily better than the other. Wired systems are often used in homes or businesses where a larger area needs to be covered. On the other hand, a wireless system can be useful for rented spaces or apartments where one cannot install wiring into the walls. So in choosing from various burglar alarm systems, you should get one that best fits your lifestyle.

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