Different Types Of Security For Your Home

When searching for a security company, the equipment the company uses is vital to its success. One of the most dependable systems to own is a DSC 1616 series system. What sets this system apart is its false alarm reduction characteristics. The DSC control panels meet the Security Industry Association (SIA) CP-01 standards. As greater numbers of cities begin to incorporate this system into their alarm ordinances for new installations, the occurrence of false alarms will be reduced or eliminated.

The Pk5501 keypad is simple and has enlarged buttons people can use with ease. With the chime feature, you know exactly when a door is opened or closed, which is especially helpful to those with kids. Each door can have its own unique chime so you know which door or area was opened allowing you to be more aware. The RFK version keypad adds support for wireless zones and key fobs as well.

The 1616 control board can support up to 32 user codes. It comes standard with 6 on board zones, but can be expanded to 16 zones (hardwired or wireless). This system will support GSM cellular alarm communicators too. This technology allows your system to communicate without the hassle of utilizing a landline. The advantage of GSM service is that it runs off backup power supplies, which can allow you to relax, knowing that even during a power outage your home is secure. GSM service is usually an additional monthly charge, but in most cases, is cheaper than paying for a phone line just for an alarm.

Some of the main features of the keypads are that they are small and look very nice. With the digital back lit display it makes arming and disarming really simple in all lighting conditions. If you want to arm your system when you are home and have a motion sensor, the stay 1 touch arming feature allows this to happen. You can also enter your alarm code and it will do the same thing, it will recognize that no door has been opened, automatically disabling the motion detector. It also comes equipped with 1 touch away mode, which arms the full parameter when you are leaving your home. There are 3 panic buttons on the keypad for police, medical and fire. All alarm systems have a hostage duress code, this is a series of 4 numbers that when entered, shuts off the alarm but sends a duress code straight to the police station.

If you are in the market for home security there is a plethora of benefits to having a monitored security system in your home. One of the major benefits is that your homeowners insurance should give you a discount on your annual premiums, which will be around 10%. Also, you will have more peace of mind knowing your home and family are protected with a monitored security system. When you are researching what brand of equipment a company uses, remember that you want a name you can trust like DSC, which has been around since 1979, and continues to be one of the industry leaders in home security systems.

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