Women And Home Security

Single women reign supreme in today’s housing market. According to the National Association of Realtors, single women compose the largest segment of the home-buying industry after married couples. Most of these women are first-time homeowners who consistently cite home security among their main concerns. Whether you’re renting or buying, here’s a list of specific options to address the needs of women and their home security.

Security Systems

For single women, especially those living in urban areas, home security and personal safety are ranked among their top priorities when looking to rent or buy a property. A comprehensive home security package will ensure your personal safety and that of your property. Some options to consider in a home security system are:

* Installing an alarm kit, the basic component of any good security package. Most hardwire alarm kits vary greatly in price and options, but a good kit should allow you to customize your security system by adding different accessories. If you are renting, consider a wireless alarm kit, which can be easily removed and re-installed as you move.

* Vamping up your outdoor lighting. Installing a few motion sensor lights in key areas – over the garage door, in the backyard, and at the sides of the house – can greatly improve security around the perimeter of your house.

* Installing window contact sensors or glass-break detectors. Windows are especially vulnerable to burglars, so deter potential criminals and be alerted as break-ins occur with these two handy window features.

* Installing a surveillance system with Internet features. Don’t have a dog? A web-based surveillance system will allow you to monitor your home via the Internet and can serve as your virtual watchdog while you’re away from home.

Smoke and Heat Detectors

A fire is one of the biggest threats to home and personal safety: According to the American Red Cross, home fires are the most common disasters in America, killing more Americans every year than all natural disasters combined. Smoke detectors with heat sensors are your best way to protect yourself against a fire. Make sure all smoke detectors are in good working order. Install one smoke detector on each story of your home nearest any bedroom doors – inside the bedroom itself if you sleep with the door closed.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that kills hundreds and poisons thousands of people every year. Unlike fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors don’t always come standard in your housing options. Women can help ensure their home security – and personal wellbeing – by installing a carbon monoxide detector in a common room near the bedroom.

Water and Flood Sensors

It’s true; the words “home security” are not usually synonymous with “water sensors.” But hey, you’ve invested your money and time into a house; it’s time to start thinking of your home as an investment. A leaky water pipe or burst washing machine hose can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage while you are asleep or at work. A water sensor with auto dialer can sound an alarm at the first detection of water, shut off the water line, and alert you to the problem via phone within minutes, preventing an expensive and messy repair job.

Common Sense

Of course, the best thing women can do to increase their home security is use common sense. Get to know your neighbors, be cautious on the streets alone after dark, check out the crime statistics for your neighborhood, and never enter your house if you suspect a break-in. Your greatest asset in protecting your home security can be your trusty women’s intuition.

Ralph Winn. 35 years in the Home Security industry. Home Security Systems and Alarm Monitoring tips.
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