Seven Steps To Home Security

Studies demonstrate that as economic downturns are prolonged, the incidence of burglary and theft increases. Considering the current lengthy recession now is a good time to take steps to make your home safer. Whether you end up investing in service or opting for no home security system, you can make your home safer.

Step 1: Secure doors and windows and keep keys secure.
The cheapest home security system consists of your doors, windows, and keys. Even if you live in a low-crime area, lock your doors at night and when leaving your home. In fact, experts recommend you keep your doors locked even when you are at home. As for your keys, just do not hide a spare under the welcome mat or a flowerpot. Burglars are smart; they will find them. Keep those keys secure.

Step 2: Put up signage.
Burglars want easy targets. Unless they are extraordinarily motivated, they will not break into a home that appears to have a dog or a security system. So put stickers in your windows and put up a sign warning of a dog on the premises. Do not have a dog? Pretend.

Step 3: Install strategic interior and exterior lighting.
One of the best lighting strategies is to install motion sensing lights on your homes exterior. You can also install lights that turn on only when dark has fallen. Inside your home, connect a timer to your lights so that when you go on vacation, your homes lights turn on and off giving the impression of people in residence.

Step 4: Be careful with valuables.
You can keep burglars from targeting your home by making sure valuables cannot be easily seen through windows. Also, dispose of the packaging for your valuables carefully usually by burning or shredding it.

Step 5: Get a free home security review.
As secure your home, contact a company to get a free home security review, so it is worth contacting them directly. This review will help you understand more about home security systems and the security system deals available.

Step 6: Do your research.
After getting information through the free home security review, do some of your own research into security system deals. Look into wireless security as well as wired they each have their own pros and cons. In short, wireless security is convenient and flexible, but wired is sometimes more powerful and secure. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of security system deals out there.

Step 7: Get a home security system.
After researching home security system deals, you should be ready to invest in a good one, whether it is wireless security or wired. Be sure to look into monitoring of your home also. They can monitor your security system 24/7 and can contact you and emergency personnel within seconds of an alert.

Taylor Jensen writes for YourLocalSecurity, is considered an expert in the field of home security, and has published hundreds of articles informing consumers about what to look for when considering a home security system.
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