Replace Your Burglar Alarm Battery After Security System Testing

Testing your home burglar alarm system is a major part of the peace of mind that comes from having a home security system. After all, you want to know all is working as it should. Testing your home burglar alarm system will insure such components as the burglar alarm battery, the different sensors, the control panel and anything else that makes up your particular security system are operating correctly.

We will cover the general steps needed to be done so that your security system is tested right in this article. We highly suggest that such an important system to your family’s safety and security be tested every month.

Before the actual test is run, read your burglar alarm system documents. This is the best way to know how to perform the right test for your particular alarm and let’s you know how to keep from accidentally doing anything you shouldn’t. It is important as well to know what to do with a monitored system and to notify the monitoring center before the test begins with whatever notification system they tell you to use.

Within the manual should be an index or quick look section with the manufacturer’s notes to help you be sure the security system including the burglar alarm battery is tested properly. You would be way ahead to review this section several times in order to know exactly what is needed.

Perhaps the most important backup while testing is to have the codes quickly to hand in order to disarm the system should anything go wrong. Just don’t leave them near the control panel after the testing. Even better would be to have someone else with you on the day you test who has memorized the codes and who can be there to support you.

Just two last things before actually beginning the test. Alert everyone in the house what you are doing before you start the test and also check that all doors and windows are closed. Once these are taken care of, and all the above, you can start the actual test.

At this point it’s finally time to start the testing of your security system. Use the special code for this that is found in your owner’s manual to key the testing to begin. After the test is over, the system should have highlighted any errors that came up. If this system is monitored, your monitoring center may also have a record of the errors.

Among the problems you may find could be a problem with the burglar alarm battery. If so, you will most likely need to replace it in accordance with the guidelines of the documentation. Even if during this month’s testing of your security system you find no problem with the burglar alarm battery, you will want to change it out to the time line as outlined in the owner’s manual.

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