Home Security At Holiday Time

You’ve been waiting for your holiday vacation for ages, but before you leave home, make sure your house is safe.

No less than the FBI says that burglaries happen every 15.4 seconds – four times a minute. And when there’s no one at home, this is usually the best time for thieves to strike. Still, you can do your part in improving the defense system of your home by having a home security system conveniently installed. All you need most of the time would be a home security alarm, as well as some form of home security surveillance cameras to make sure your home is well protected against these no-gooders.

Many of these home security products also have the option of home security monitoring. But it often takes more than just these pieces of equipment to guarantee peace of mind – sometimes all it takes is a little common sense to keep your home close to 100% burglary-free. There are also even more affordable ways to keep your home safe, such as motion sensor lighting that could be installed around your home’s corners.

As well as the external security there is a great deal that can be done inside the home to improve security. Before you leave your house, inspect every window and door and replace defective locks if required to.

Patio sliding doors offer the opportunist thief just what they are looking for easy access , the reason is usually poor maintenance or security (broken lock). This is an inevitable possibility, so don’t get caught napping.

A “Charlie bar”, or maybe any sturdy piece of wood or metal can be placed in between your sliding doors, blocking the entrance and deterring any would-be thieves from breaking in when you aren’t around.

The track has to be blocked with a steel rod or wooden dowel, as described above, as minimum protection.

A safe should be considered when it comes to keeping your keys to the house, garage, other vehicles or any other valuable items that could easily be targeted.

You should also hide any personal documents and identity information in your home safe as well.

As an alternative to a home safe, a post office vault could work, especially if you reside in a place where crime is rampant.

Giving the impression someone is at home is a great way to dissuade a burglar and is key to improving home security. A timer can be used for your television, your radio or your lights to strategically turn them on and off when you’re out. Be smart though and apply this tactic to more than one room in your house.

If you’re out for the holidays, you can suspend mail and newspaper delivery till you get back. One other trick you can do if you have multiple vehicles would be to leave your car parked in your driveway, then ask a neighbor to park the other one in your driveway when you’re out.

Have someone you trust, such as a friend or neighbor, to check on your home while you’re gone. Entrust your keys to this person and turn off your answering machine – don’t let anyone know you’re on vacation.

Ensure all outbuildings are secure, making sure any tools in your garage that could be used to gain access are under lock and key.

You will never be able to make your home purely safe from any burglars dropping by, despite all the steps mentioned. These, however, are home security tips that should definitely be followed to reduce the chances of a potential break-in.

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